Koalra Water’s Push

January 04, 2021.

Happy new year to y’all, are you ready for some new and cool music?

Well, you’re in the right place and if your thing is discovering fresh new music for a fresh start in this 2021,  a soundtrack for your year or month, or week, one with fantastic fuzz guitars and exciting noise sound you have to listen to the new track by Koalra.

The track released the first day of the year called Water’s Push is the lead single for the upcoming album Into the Everything out…soon. It was perfect for me to ignite this promising new year what a great way to kick start this new blog or your day don’t you think?

In their band’s own words about this track they replied  ““Water’s Push” is a song about pushing against and stabling life’s natural momentum because anxieties or some other unseen force that makes us scared to move forward. The song along with the upcoming album “Into the Everything” was conceived, written, and mostly recorded in a motorhome while traveling around the USA on public lands and in national forests.”

And asked them about what can expect out there first-listeners this was his answer “First-time listeners can know that in a short time we have amassed a fairly good catalog of songs over three albums and one ep if they want to dive into our past work we would love that. It’s ever-changing and we hope to release 2 more full albums and ep in 2021”

For this matter you can listen to their previous album  The Wakes released November 06, 2020, the EP Surprise Lights released April 24, 2020, and their self-titled debut album Koalra released December 10, 2019.

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I hope not only you can enjoy this track but also support this band streaming and sharing their work that obviously you can find in the Playlist Fresh Singles, Sickest & Dopest (my newest project in this 2021), and Alterindie State of Mind

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