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January 05, 2021.

Wow, today I have something really cool a pop-punk / alternative sound with tones of riffs and a lot of fun with these siblings from Providence, Rhode Island that just released their second single out via Distrokid the past December 21, I’m talking about brian&matt (Brian is the big guy on the left and Matt on the right side of the picture) and their newest track It’s Going Down sickest & dopest!!!

Asking Matt about the track he replied “It’s Goin’ Down is a satirical piece that encapsulates the chaos and uncertainties of an “apocalypse”. As you probably guessed it was written about the time we’re living in now.

And if you haven’t heard before about these guys let me tell you that Matt is the vocalist, guitarists, bass player in these songs. Brian is the drummer and also helps write and produce.

The band in their own words “We’re heavily influenced by blink-182, Panic! At the Disco, all those early 2000 bands. Our lyrics we always try to say things without saying it right out. For example “these burning fires light up silent streets” is talking about protests and demonstrations that were and are happening in regards to social injustice. How silent voices are finally being heard (somewhat at least).

“This song we decided to not put an intro and just jump right into it after some guitar feedback. We really wanted to give the feeling of chaos. 2020 was a shitty year didn’t give us a warning, it just happened, and we wanted to encapsulate that.” And definitely, they nailed it!!!

“The artwork I created myself is a zombie hand to capture the back and forth about how people feel about the government, are we zombies to the system? And we went with a retro “horror” movie feel with that. The blood splatter is for the effect of someone finding the “album” late in an apocalypse.” Well, we all live in this horror movie that was last year and seems to keep the same sh*t this year. But we have a saying here in my country: “to bad weather, good face” so keep rocking guys!!!

If you enjoy this track and want to support the band you can stream their music or download, go to their Bandcamp brian&matt and follow or even better buy their music that really helps. In case you’re more a Youtube go to brian&matt Youtube channel and SUBSCRIBE!!!

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