Frat Mouse “Plywood” (New Album)

January 06, 2021.

This Monday Frat Mouse, the trio punk-emo band from L.A., released their third album called Plywood, In their own words: “This album is the end of our Act 1: Curtains Fall, it kind of tops off our songwriting year. We just graduated from high school but only myself (Griffin) go to college, [ while ]  Truman and Ben strayed in LA while I went to Boulder”. As one can infere from this scenario, over half of the band are online students at the moment.

Left to right Griffin, Truman, and Ben Instagram and Twitter.

The album is about separation from what is familiar and comfortable and being pushed unwillingly into something to adapt to. If you are familiar with the sound of the band will find a more mature and developed sound. Basically, we can call this a coming of age album.

“We realized we can really pull something off now and are making music not only for fun but also to express ourselves and change the people around us.”

After asking Griffin about the album he replied: “New audiences can look forward to an album we are incredibly proud of, and something we all put absolutely everything we had into; blood sweat and tears. Returning listeners can see a storyboard of progression between January 5th, 2020 to January 5th, 2021, so if you were here from the beginning we hope that you grew as people right along with us”.

But what about their 2020 year? It was a must to ask about it, considering the influence it had on both their new album and the two previous albums released last  year. To that, he said that ”you can literally watch us change as people and individuals through our discography. Even with all its issues 2020 was the best year of my life,  and our discography exhibits that”.

I also asked about each member’s roles in the band.Truman specializes as the main creative influence, Ben is an incredible musician and helps with writing and theory work. And I (Griffin) work mostly on lyrics and the administrative side of the band”.

It was hard for me to chose a favorite track since the whole album is solid and very enjoyable, but if I had to pick one it might be the final song “new friends”. The invitation is open for you to go and appreciate Plywood right away!

If you enjoy these guys’ work and want to support them you can stream or download their music by going to their Bandcamp Frat Mouse where you can also follow as another way to support them. Buying their music is also possible and a big help for growing artists like Frat Mouse. Last but not least, in case you’re more a Youtube listener you can find them at the  Frat Mouse Youtube channel and SUBSCRIBE!!!

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