The Celadors Too Litte, Too Late

January 08, 2021.

Happy New Music Friday! The best day of the week, at least when talking about new music.

Today I’m pretty excited to share with you the the newest single by The Celadors, called Too Little, Too Late, that talks about one thing that we all should be concerned about: the climate emergency.

In fact if you’ve followed me for a while you might know that my No. 1 pick in my Top 100 Songs 2020 countdown was The 1975’s opening track, and that decision was greatly influenced by the fact that the song included Greta Thunberg’s well-known speech. Global warming and environmental awareness are pressing issues that can never be discussed enough, and talking about them through art and music is an inspiring and helpful method. We need to point this as much as we can and of course contribute with our part.

The music video is pretty eloquent — even more, it’s crystal clear with its message. Indeed, what a great thing that these guys care about such important problems and make their art an instrument to raise awarness. I need to highlight that the track is beyond beautiful and full of melancholy; a thing of beauty.

In terms of the story behind the song, Jack Norbury’s own words:

I wanted to write a song about the climate crisis but I kept getting caught between being literal and being figurative. I wanted the message to be clear to people, but at the same time I wanted it to offer intrigue. When you think of how important the climate situation is, and has been for some time, there are relatively few songs that are well known and openly tackle the issue. Strikingly, Michael Jackson actually openly addressed it in his pop songs (Earth Song & Heal the World) but it doesn’t feel like there are many other artists who have been explicit enough about the theme. Are they trying to maintain their cool? Too Little, Too Late deliberately contradicts itself by saying it wont talk about the issue, and by doing so, it talks about the issue. It’s not about being cool – it’s about being honest. And whilst the message is ‘Too Little, Too Late’ – that’s based on where we will be in the near future if we don’t act now. We have this chance to ensure it’s not too late – so there is still hope in the song.

You can follow and support the band on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Stay tuned for more upcoming music.

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