Tired Cossack “Shashka”

January 13, 2021.

The new year continues as we greet old and new artists along with their new releases. Today, I bring you a new song that perfectly captures the feeling of a cold but delightful evening. Shashka, a new entry and game changer in the lo-fi post-punk genre, is the song Tired Cossack chose as his first release of the year. And it was truly a great decision, starting off the year with such a catchy track.

Tired Cossack is an independent artist from Winnipeg, Canada whose music is meant to celebrate loneliness, the comfort it brings, and the feelings caused by nostalgia. He’s been influenced by artists such as The Cure and Neil Young, among other post-punk musicians, and simply by listening to Shashka one is able to identify the musical inspirations and admire how Cossack makes his own style out of them.

The track is without a doubt his best release to date. The combination of industrial, grinding sounds with a melodic and poppy tune bring joy to the listener from the very beginning. It also contains some influences of noise rock and indie-rock, which fit right at home with all the other elements. Overall, it works as an excellent energy booster while still maintaining enough of a calm energy to make the song perfect to listen to regardless of your mood.

Tired shared with us a few lines about the track: “I wrote Shashka when I was alone in my grandfather’s old cabin this winter. I went up there to write new music. The song came to me as I was trying not to freeze, which is maybe why it is so energetic and cold at the same time.

Besides talking about his new song I also asked if he could a short messages directed at anyone who hasn’t heard his music before, a question I consider very important and always mention to new artists. His reply gives us more information about the meaning behind his music and the importance placed upon the themes.

Tired Cossack songs can be all over the place, but generally focus on feeling. They often reflect my nostalgia, or fears, or simple things that for one reason or another make me stop and let my mind drift. My songs are also mostly informed by guitar sounds from post-punk and new wave, but like all conventions I often completely contradict these influences as well.

To listen to all of Tired Cossack’s discography, currently made up by 9 other excellent tracks, you can check out his 2020 EP and two other singles. Don’t forget you can also show your support by following him on his Instagram, SoundCloud accounts, as well as his YouTube channel.

Streaming and sharing his music is another great method to help and appreciate the artist. His songs can be found in the following Playlists: Fresh Singles, Debut Bands (Off The Radar), Alterindie State Of Mind, and Less Than 1,000 Followers.

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