Bertie Newman “Lost”

January 15, 2021.

New Music Friday brings to you Bertie Newman‘s debut single. Newman, a singer-songwriter born and raised in Hackney, North East London, has become a TikTok sensation over the past few months, gaining millions of views per day and 33k followers on the platform. This very impressive feat for a new artist shows the potential he has and hopefully it is only the start of his career and accomplishments.

The name, Lost, and lyrics of this track are meant to convey “a heartfelt description of the emotions he felt as he was going through a breakup with a long-term partner”. Breakups are a universal experience, and while everyone deals with heartbreak in different ways, it is easy to relate to the words sung by Newman. This strong feeling of empathy enriches the listening experience and it wouldn’t be a surprise if his song instantly reached an audience who deeply understand and love the song.

Lost manages to perfectly capture the void one feels inside of them after ending a relationship, the dizziness of drifting ashore with seemingly no purpose. The rawness of the lyrics and vocals are exactly the emotional catharsis felt during those moments of immense heartache and later on, they become the strength needed to move on and create our own path.

Bertie Newman’s debut is strongly folk oriented, and we’ll keep an eye on him to see if the direction of his music and genre changes as his career progresses. Either way, I am confident that his music will continue impacting people because what truly matters is the essence and work put into the music and I can already tell this artist has what it takes to establish himself in the industry.

To support Bertie and stay updated on any future projects, you can find him at his official Instagram and Twitter accounts, as well as his Bandcamp, and YouTube channels.  You can also help the artist by streaming and sharing his track, which you can obviously find in the following Playlists: Fresh Singles, Chill – Folk – Acoustic and Less Than 1,000 Followers.

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