Guerilla State “Never Taking Me”

January 15, 2021.

There’s only been few times where I’ve felt true euphoria upon discovering a newly debuted band. Don’t get me wrong though! Finding and listening to unknown small artists has always been a passion of mine, as it helps get my motors running.

However, even if I enjoy all artists I listen to, the amount of times where I’ve immediately felt a special spark going off just by listening to someone’s first single are not a lot. This is exactly what makes Guerrilla State and their debut song “Never Taking Me” stand out for me: they carry within their music a strong fire that is not willing to go out anytime soon.

Never Taking Me starts out with a calm series of guitar chords, which would easily lull you into security if it weren’t for the underlying adrenaline that accompanies the tune. It is followed by a single second of total silence and the anticipation of this climax is met with a strong rush of energy and drums. The explosive roar the instruments along the determination of the vocals and lyrics make for a perfect outlet of emotions.

As someone who dearly misses headbanging along the artists up on stage, as well as joy of seeing a band live, I appreciate how this song reminds me of those moments. It causes a deep desire for freedom and fighting for a cause to rise within me. Not only that, but it also makes me anticipate the return of live concerts even more, for I can only imagine how exciting it’d be to hear this track in a huge venue.

The multi-instrumentalist Michael Dalton (left in the article cover) and Rory Robinson (right) are Guerrilla State shared with us a few lines about the track: “Never taking me’ is a track that had been in development for about 5 years before we felt like we finally got it right. The song is about an awakening to the governmental control structures that rule most societies; the archaic oppression of rights and civil liberties which wither on a daily basis. It’s about embracing autonomy, the right to say no and not to blindly follow in an age where misinformation masks critical thinking”.

After talking about their new song I asked if they could share a short messages directed at anyone who hasn’t heard their music before, a question I consider very important and always mention to new artists.

“Our debut single represents a microcosm of what we’re about. Freedom of expression through all forms of art in age of suppression of the medium. To challenge the status quo and cut through the sea of mis and disinformation. To tell the stories of the world that may not suit the mainstream medias narrative”.

Keeping in mind current events and the state many countries have found themselves in over the past few years, the themes Guerrilla State handle in their song are easy to resonate with. The band from Belfast, Ireland has only started their journey and the road ahead of them will be one I hope I can follow. “Never Taking Me” is an invitation to join them and the cause they believe in, and I cannot wait to see what other songs they will show us in the future.

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