RUIZ! “Please Baby Please”

January 15, 2020.

Our new reality has affected our everyday lives and made multiple changes to what we perceive as normal. While before we were used to most music being a created in a studio by an extensive team, nowadays the phrases “recorded at home over lockdown” and “It’s just me and my Mac”  no longer seem as surprising as before.

If anything, this situation has become so common that it is perfect for new artists to finally give it a go and have their own spotlight. That is the case for independent artist RUIZ!, from Sheffield, United Kingdom, who decided release his debut single Morning last August.

Now he’s back with his second single Please Baby Please. RUIZ! shared more about the song: The track is called Pease Baby Please. It started off as crazy guitar sound and riff. It’s a sort of progression that grows and grows, until in the end there are loads of guitars and a rhythm loop.”

Lyrically it’s about the cruelty of nature and the changes of the seasons. It’s about love and having your heartbroken. The emotions that run through you when the person you love unexpectedly falls out of love with you and you don’t understand why? Your whole life falls apart and you just don’t get it. All you want is for everything to be okay again. You find yourself falling through life, you keep on falling and spiraling out of control. The falling is fine, it’s the landing that hurts…

Besides talking about their new song I also asked RUIZ! if he could a short messages directed at anyone who hasn’t heard his music before, a question I consider very important and always make to new musicians. He proceeded to share with us how he’d describe himself and his music.

”My music is raw energy, these recordings are elegant modern electronic pop music, home-made, DIY, Corona era, 2020. Quality is consistent. Compositions are smart. Hooks are contagious. Choruses are catchy.
Songs about life, love, and the modern maladies between men and women. Not electronic per se, more psychedelic indie rock.”

Indeed, both tracks fit the description given and both are without a doubt high quality songs, to the point it’s also necessary to praise his skills as this is the product of individual hard work.

The singles are different enough to be distinguishable and appreciated on their own while maintaining the RUIZ! essence he wanted to deliver. The lyrics are clear and easy to understand, and the music a psychedelic dream that adds depth and makes the song more memorable. RUIZ! talks about common song themes in his own way, making them feel fresh once you hear the dark and captivating twists he adds.

As an artist, he is the perfect listen to anyone who’s looking forward to expanding their musical taste and library, but he is just as enjoyable for long time fans of this specific indie rock sub-genre. His streams have yet to the million mark, so don’t hesitant to go and show the singles some Less Than 1,000 Followers love!

In a few more hours “Please Baby Please!” will be found in all streaming services for your enjoyment and easy access, but in the meantime you can head to his Youtube and listen to the single there.

If you enjoyed either or both of his tracks, or if this article has peeked your interest, don’t forget that you can show your support by following him on his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, as well as his SoundCloud and YouTube  channels. But if you enjoy it enough and also want to support him in a monetary way, you can download his music on Bandcamp.  

Streaming and sharing is also a must for any artist you enjoy! As always, you can obviously find his music in the following Playlists: Fresh Singles, Debut Bands (Off The Radar), Alterindie State Of Mind, and Less Than 1,000 Followers.

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