LearningToDive new single “Rainbow Fall”

January 16, 2020.

Rainbow Fall is the first single of the year released by independent New Zealander LearningToDive.

This new track by the post-punk, New Romantic influenced artist holds deep symbolical meaning. From the cover to the lyrics “Don’t let this rainbow fall” that are repeated throughout the chorus, one can infer the intentions LearningToDrive had as he wrote and recorded the single.

This song, although not directly written about the USA, is a timely release as the United States transitions from one administration to another. In fact, the same can be said for a multitude of countries, for national conflict is unfortunately a commonly seen issue nowadays.

Perhaps the most impactful part of the song comes at the very end, when the repetition of the word “humanity” begins. The soft way in which it’s sung represents the fragility of our own humanity: a reminder that it can be easily shed or ruined. It was a beautiful way to end the track, coming right at the perfect moment to make the listener ponder over themselves.

The 80s-inspired post-punk anthem was co-produced by Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers, Mel C) and engineered/mixed by the award-winning Clint Murphy (50 Cent, Enter Shikari). These three people are responsible for bringing musical life to a the melodic plea for clarity of mind and unity, and creating a hard to forget accompaniment that blends perfectly with the lyrics and message.

Currently living in New Zealand in what he calls a “gilded cage” thanks to COVID-19, Bravo (LearningToDrive) is being prevented from actively traveling around the world. Like most people is resigned to a quieter, static life now.

Bravo shared how he was signed to a major label a long time ago, but readily admits he made a hash of it. Now many years later he has recommitted himself to the music industry, coming in at a number of angles.

He has created several artistic identities, his principal one being Bravo Bonez as a composer/producer. Under this name he releases lo-fi beats and what he calls “ramshackle neo soul”. He is also working with a range of other artists. Bravo has a love of 80s and 90s genres and releases this style of music under the LearningToDive identity.

Other identities of his include “Haikyo”, a moniker used to release ambient cinematic music. For that 90s trip hop, acid jazz electro pop sound there’s his collaboration with Alba Rose known as “ARLS”, where he had the 2019 single “LUCKY” and will be sharing a EP later on this year.

Bravo is lucky enough to own a recording studio where he develops his material using a mix of synths, guitar, bass, and violin sounds through a combination of digital audio workstations such as Ableton Live, Logic Pro X and Maschine. He is currently developing a live show using a combination of DJ controllers and real instruments.

Bravo on his many achievements, pun fully intended (I had to do it at least once). It is no wonder that “Rainbow Fall is such a solid track once we’ve considered all the work until his many names.

History was recorded to be remembered, and the least we can do is attempt to create better paths from what we’ve been given. As we enter a new year, after the difficult transition experienced in 2019, and under a new administration in the USA that will change the scheme of things to an international level, a call for forgiveness, reconciliation, humanity, humility, and a warning not to let dark forces exploit differences and take from us what we’ve worked so hard to achieved feels like something we really needed to hear.

Of course, there are those blessed enough to be in a society or community full of freedom and privilege, but even those that don’t directly struggle should use their voice to help the ones fighting for their justice. Kindness has become a rarity in this current age, but let’s try to keep it alive and not let our rainbow fall.

If you agree with LearningToDive’s message and enjoy his work, don’t forget that you can also show your support by following him on his  Instagram and Facebook, accounts, as well as his Soundcloud and YouTube channels. But if you enjoy it enough and can give monetary support, remember that you can download his music on Bandcamp.  

Learningtodive press photo

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