Lykos “Slaughterhouse”

January 17, 2020.

Yesterday was released day for Lykos‘ new track, Slaughterhouse. The three member band from Bristol, United Kingdom has returned to keep delivering authentic grunge and punk along with their usual liveliness. The group is notorious within their fanbase for high energy performances, nostalgic 90s influenced sounds and heartfelt lyricism, all three qualities than can be found in this single.

Over the last couple of years the band has shape-shifted and cycled through various drummers, and has now finally settled down with the most ideal lineup. Lykos currently consists of lead and frontman Ezra Young, bassist Lewis Lloyd, and brand new drummer; Robert Taylor. After adding Taylor into the band over 2020, Lykos is now ready and excited for their upcoming release and the new feeling brought by the whole band.

In their own words “The song slaughterhouse is very resemblant of our band’s energy as a whole, we play our music with very heart-driven passion and genuine emotion. The deeper meaning behind Slaughterhouse is that the state of one’s mind can often feel as if you’re trapped with some unknown darkness, that your mind is like a cage in which you’re always running away from your demons. Similarly like pigs led to a slaughterhouse”.

Robert Taylor (drummer), Lewis Lloyd (bassist), Ezra Young (frontman).

After discussing the new track, I brought up my famous question: What would you like to say to anyone who hasn’t heard of the band?

“To any first time listeners, expect nothing but growth and diversity from Lykos; we intend to never stop improving our performance and our music. Playing shows will always be our foremost passion as this is where we can truly express ourselves through our music. Over the years we have grown and evolved and are now at the point where nothing can get in our way. Expect music to be dropped left, right and center all year round”

If Lykos and their gritty yet addicting psychedelic style has caught your interest, you can support and stay up to date with the band by following them on their official Instagram and Facebook accounts, as well as their Soundcloud and YouTube  channels.

As always, streaming and sharing their music is another way to give them some love! To find their songs you can also head to the following Playlists: Sickest & Dopest Fresh Singles, Only Punk, Alterindie State Of Mind and Less Than 1,000 Followers.

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