Rise in Veins “Unsaid”

January 18, 2020.

Good news to all rock fans and lovers of headbanging! There’s a new band in the radar, and they bring to us music all over the heavy rock spectrum with their raw and euphonious deliveries.

The artists in question are Rise in Veins, a four member band from Canada, who debuted last Friday with the energetic single Unsaid. The song is full of resentment and fury, which can be felt through the members’ powerful performance.

They gladly shared with us more details about the single, the way it can be interpreted and, surprisingly, how the song originally had a different sound.

Unsaid presents a story of betrayal by someone close to you. The lyrics evoke the frustration and anger at discovering someone who does not come out in his true light. The idea was to adapt the texts so that it can adapt to anyone who has experienced a situation like this. Strangely, if we open up a bit, the lyrics can adapt to the current world situation and what people have recently experienced in the face of the impotence and lack of transparency of our institutions and political system. It wasn’t intended, but sometimes fate gets it right.”

“Originally, Unsaid did not have the same vocal energy [it has now]. Musically, it was much less uptempo than the final version. After revisiting the song several times, I kept coming back with this ”classic rock” guitar riff during the verses of the song. After tweaking the song a few times, the new energy breathed into the verse gave me new ideas to rework the vocals.”

By listening to the song and reading the what Rise In Veins wanted to share in it, and they hit the nail on the head with the feeling and spirit. The vagueness of the anger in their words allows the listener to immerse themselves in whatever story they want to imagine, including one’s own life and problems.

Rise In Veins also talked about how recording during pandemic can work, including the struggle of distance and not having access to a professional studio.

“The interesting story is that we started recording the song during the early days of the pandemic and the first lockdown. So since we couldn’t record in a real studio, nor could we all get together, we improvised a studio at home and worked remotely with our producer in Chicago and our drummer Luke in Birmingham, UK. We have adapted and we are satisfied with the result. I believe this is an approach that a lot of bands will have to adopt soon.”

Francois Lefebvre (guitar) Stephane Aube (vocal & guitar) Stepahn Lefebvre (Bass).

The band also wants to share what you can expect when you listen to them for the first time:

“If you like rock in general, I think Unsaid will please you because it mixes several broad aspects of the rock spectrum. Elements of classic, modern rock, and metal are at work and keep the rhythm going throughout. We all miss performing live and banging our heads. With Unsaid, we’re trying to make you feel like that! If you liked it, follow us because we have a bunch of songs coming up all year long.”

Rise In Veins succeeds with a superb debut, while we can gain a new great alternative hard rock song to listen while we wait for the next single!

Just as the band members said, don’t forget you following them on the official  Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, as well as their Soundcloud and YouTube channels. This way you can keep up with updates and future releases! If you enjoy their music and are able to provide monetary support, you can download their music on Bandcamp.  

You can also support the band by streaming and sharing their music, all of which can be can found in the following Playlists: Debut Bands (Off The Radar) Fresh Singles, Alterindie State Of Mind and Less Than 1,000 Followers.

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