The Silver Devils “Silver Cat”

January 18, 2020.

This Monday we have received a New Music Alert that will certainly please all fans of romanticism and heartfelt lyrics. We’re talking about The Silver Devils and their first 2021 single Silver Cat, it being the first track released after their solid debut single back November of 2020 with the song Going There.

This time The Silver Devils are back with a new tune inspired by a truly interesting event that happened to one of the members: the “Folksy Elvis”, Demetrio Donzelli.

“I was sitting outside one afternoon plucking away at the guitar, when a neighbor of mine approached me and asked “Have you seen a silver cat around here? I’m moving out of my home that I’ve lived in for fifteen years, he must’ve got scared. I’m moving very soon, so if you do see him please let me know, he’s my son’s cat”

I had no idea what to do, but I felt for this stranger, and I had my guitar, so I wrote the first few lines “Silver cat, won’t you come on back? Got some things that I wanna pack. I can’t be there for you if you’re not there for me. Silver cat, where could you be?”

Later that evening I saw the silver cat. He was prancing away from me, if I had chased after him he would’ve darted away even more quickly. So… I sang what I had written earlier. To my surprise, the silver cat stopped running, and sat down to hear me out. When I was finished singing he still ran away, but I later learned that the silver cat returned to my neighbor’s house that same night.”

Although this story might seem simple, given the brevity and the small role Donzelli plays in it, the song itself is fully of the witty lyricism the band is known for, beside the feeling of a strong bond between the protagonist of the song and their silver cat.

As for the message the band would like to give to people who are just discovering the band, they shared the purpose put behind every song:

“In a world filled with apathy, our goal is to put more passion and love in the universe. Each song not only tells the story of the Silver Devils, but also the story of anyone who’s ever dared to dream.”

The Silver Devils have just released their second song, but that amount is more than enough to be able to fall for the introspective storytellers. They aspire to convey the “timeless struggle between pessimism and optimism”, so let’s wish for the band themselves to become timeless artists as well.

Demetrio Donzelli

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Credits Cover Article Photo lef to righ Ben Engle, Jordan Zimmermann, William Webb, Greg Bjurman and Demetrio Donzelli.

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