Three Day Monk “I Wish You Were Dead”

January 18, 2021.

Today, for the first time this year, Three Day Monk is back with the single I wish you were dead. The main behind the moniker, Tristan Nelson, is a talented multi-instrumentalist from Bedfordshire had released his first EP, Natsu, back in November 2020.

Three Day Monk is unquestionably, an unconventional artist with a focus on narratively driven stories; a feature that makes his music stand out. The perspective of the characters in his lyrics discuss topics such as sexual assault with Take and police brutality and white privilege with Aight to be White.

His new song, I wish you were dead, although different from the rest of his current works, still deals with a character’s psyche with the addition of misleading instrumentation, as he himself explains:

I wish you were dead is a creative turn from previously released/recorded tracks. Always wanting to be pushed and create tracks in innovating ways, IWYWD features no electric guitar with a heavy focus on piano parts that provide a sense of narrative and aid the listener to comprehend the protagonists psyche, with strings arrangement that meander through the changing emotions and provide “familiarity to Shostakovich at times”. Lead vocals are instead performed by Flora Stewart (who also provides additional vocals in Take).”

True to his words, the changing emotions are palpable from start to finish, guiding the listener through an intense emotional ride that manages to be equally breathtaking and fear-inducing. That perfect balance between dread and awe featured by the misleading arrangement, lead by a piano and chords full of dramaticism and a sinister energy, brings the song to life. It is addicting in all of its senses.

IWYWD lives up to its filmesque and captivating premise, depicting a warped version of real feelings and events. Perhaps that is why the track works so well. As Three Day Monk himself likes to question what’s more terrifying than our reality?

To support this artist and his future projects, you can head over to the official Three Day Monk accounts on Instagram and Twitter as well his Soundcloud and YouTube channel.  An take your time to go deep in his discography also streaming and sharing his work that obviously you can find in the following Playlists: Fresh Singles, and Less Than 1,000 Followers

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Credits: The track was recorded with the help of Matty Moon [False Heads, Lonely the Brave] who has recorded all previous Three Day Monk compositions.

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