Cigarettes For Breakfast “Two New Singles”

January 20, 2020.

Cigarettes For Breakfast is a new, up and coming shoegaze band formed by vocalist and guitar Matt Whiteford back in 2019 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After an outstanding debut with their self titled EP and the latter Aphantasia, they are back with two new ethereal tracks.

I Thought I Was Transforming Into a Butterfly but I Am Yet Another Moth to the Flame and Wait are the double release Cigarettes for Breakfast has prepared, and with them they intend to show two different sides of the band. The tracks not only contrast in title length; each has a unique sound that creates two divergent experiences that still feel as though they should belong in the same album.

Whiteford shared with us some details about “Wait“, stating it “attempts to encapsulate an argument between two parents from the perspective of a child. Its distant, dreamlike quality echos only bits and pieces, but still brings forth bleak memories of childhood nostalgia”.

As for “I Thought I Was Transforming Into a Butterfly but I Am Yet Another Moth to the Flame“, it is a passionate, chaotic and overall hard to describe moment. The journey the song takes the listener is not unlike the one a butterfly takes after leaving its cocoon; beautiful, and the beginning of an end. I encourage all readers to go and give the song a listen, for I believe we will assign our own meaning to the song.

It might also be worth to mention, listening to “I Though I Was Transforming Into a Butterfily (…)” first and immediately following it up with “Wait”, just as the songs are arranged in their Youtube playlist, gifts us a very smooth and pleasing transition that will not disappoint you.

Besides talking about their new song I also asked Matt if he could a share short messages directed at anyone who hasn’t heard Cigarette For Breakfast’s music before.

We are heavily influenced by 90s alternative bands like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive. Our goal is to keep pushing the sonic boundaries of shoegaze & dream pop, while attempting to encapsulate the simple, chaotic, emotional, and beautiful nature of life.

 If you’re a fan of any of these bands or enjoy dream pop, Cigarettes For Breakfast will undoubtedly end up in one of your playlists!

“We are planning on a full length for our next release and are currently writing/demoing…”. When asked for the name of the album, I received: ”Not yet, we’re still in the early stages”. I believe great art shall not be rushed, and wish the band luck in these stages of the creative process.

In the meantime, you have the opportunity to enjoy their self-titled debut EP and/or their first LP, from 2020 as well, called Aphantasia.

Don’t forget you can also show your support by following them on their Instagram, Facebook, accounts, as well as theirs SoundCloud, and YouTube Y channels. But if you enjoy their music enough and want to give CBF an extra encouragement, you can always download their music on Bandcamp.


From left to right: Matthew Paul Whiteford (vocals, guitar, founder), Tony Rossi (drums), Donnie CoCo (vocals, bass), Chris Doyle (guitar), and Cameron Kynett (vocals, guitar).

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