The Woods “Conversations We Should’ve Had”

January 20 2020.

There’s art that can only be described as hypnotizing. When it comes to music, the possibilities and ways to create wondrous, enigmatic soundscapes are endless. The track we’re discussing today is a the epitome of the previous description, managing to create a chill vibe that perfectly masks the anguish of the lyrics.

I’m talking about Johnny McFadzean’s, also known as  The Woods, newest track Conversations We Should’ve Had.

The song captures what it feels to pretend to be fine while simultaneously trying beg for help; it is the indecisiveness of admitting to one’s need for support but trying to cling to that image of independence and strength. Or it might just be the grooviest way to acknowledge you’re going through a hard time. Either way, The Woods has succeeded in making an addictive track.

Although the lyrics are mostly a repetition of the phrases “Save me from myself” and “I’m falling down”, there is meaning and emotion behind those words. The overwhelming feeling in this mantra highlights the desperation from the protagonist of the song. It is a musical interpretation of a man wasting every breath up to his very last to request aid.

Mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression have now become more common than we’ve ever seen, not only because our society has opened up to these discussions but because society itself has turned into this huge pressure that easily pushes people over the edge. With “Conversations We Should’ve Had” The Woods shines light on these issues. The song also works as a healing escape that allows us to focus on just ourselves for a bit.

All in all, “Conversations We Should’ve Had” is a beautiful piece of art that does not shy away from darker topics, but presents them in a colorful and captivating lens. If you have the chance, I heavily recommend listening to the song with headphones for a more immersive experience.

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