Conner Ball “Careful”

January 21 2020.

Sometimes people feel the need to limit their actions to a certain period of time. There’s those who only attempt to achieve a new goal once the year’s started, or those who refuse to do extra work outside of their usual hours. But today’s artist is definitely not like them, for he thinks that we should say what we feel regardless of the date.

I’m talking about Conner Ball and his new single, Careful. This song is a love confession with a focus on enjoying the present time spent with a loved one, as the protagonists keeps falling deeper for the object of his affections.

While talking with Conner Ball, he explained a bit more about the inspiration behind the song and the story it tells:

“This song was written looking back on the time I fell in love with my wife. It’s about a guy who saw a girl for the first time, and instantly fell in love. He’s so lovestruck, that he’s warning her the be careful around him. He falls more and more in love with her with everything she does. He wants to be with her, but he wants her to make sure she feels the same way.”

With a passionate song like “Careful”, there’s no need to wait for Saint Valentine’s to be in a lovey dovey mood. Just a listen of Conner’s soulful voice and the freedom it carries is enough to make the listener think of their own loved ones.

When asked about what he’d like to share with people who are just finding out about him and his music, Conner Ball made an emphasis on the importance he places on love and faith. See the full quote below:

“To new listeners, my writing focuses on faith, love and life. Most of my songs are love songs, because that’s what comes most naturally into my head. My biggest musical inspirations are John Mayer and Ed Sheeran, and I think my style of writing stems from playing their songs for so much of my life. Thanks for listening!”

After coming out of a stressful year like 2020, we need all the love and positivity we can get to start the new year right, and this song can help by giving us just the right energy!

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