Hybrid Kid – “1 2 3”

Hybrid Kid’s new single 1 2 3 has landed on Soundcloud, YouTube and Bandcamp. I’ll be honest, it’s not easy to write about a single track, but with their The Mirror Escapes (2020) album under their belt already and a Soundcloud bio that includes “With great songwriting, hooky riffs, finger-walking basslines and a drummer who wails.” there’s are at least some reference points to work with and confidence that certainly challenges expectations.

The album was a pretty English indie rock piece that vaguely reminded, pleasantly, of Hot Hot Heat and Kaiser Chiefs. So now, finally, about 1 2 3: The first thing you’ll notice is a massive boost in tempo and raw energy compared to the album tracks! Very, dare-I-say, Clashy! The very oomph that widens Hybrid Kid’s musical spectrum by quite a bit. And also the very oomph that put the volume gates wide open here as well. The super present bass, the punkier vocals, the breaking down of the track back to percussion and bass only that should be absolutely killer (and endlessely extended in my humble opinion) live as crowd pleaser until the guitar comes crashing back in again to wrap up the song.

1 2 3 is a very pleasant surprise and a great example in doing something different very well, despite having an absolutely decent debut album before this. Go check them out on Bandcamp or Soundcloud! No reason to keep a little nugget like 1 2 3 under the surface.

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