Jaymotts “AUTOFUNK”

January 22, 2020.

More New Music Friday!

Today we’ll talking about Jaymotts‘ new track Auto Funk, a song that brings back some 60’s sounds, but spices things up by adding a modern twist with the help of a certain funk-infectious sound.

Just like 60’s music, the track is full of good vibes and joy is felt in every note and word. AUTOFUNK works as an excellent way to start off the day and bring a smile to your face. Jaymotts adds that the song “is a driving up-tempo funk rock song. It a quirky take on the uneasy mix of technology and humankind. Something like The Terminator meets Nile Rogers”.

They also gave us more context on AUTOFUNK‘s origin.

“It all started, as most Jaymotts song do, with one of Chris’ bass riffs. Jonathan provided all the funky flavouring with his juicy guitar licks over the top. Once the song had taken shape musically, Chris wrote the lyrics homing in on the rhythmic almost mechanical vibe with a vision of a dystopian (not too distant) future. As ever with Jaymotts, it’s laced with humour and nods to the familiar world rather than abstract ideas. Maximilian Kemmerer took care of drumming duties, expertly locking into the mood of the song hundreds of miles away in Frankfurt, Germany. Max also took showed his studio skills by mixing and mastering Autofunk”.

Regarding what they’d like to share with first time listeners, they said: “Jaymotts aims to bring a slice of humour and fun into a wonky world. They pride themselves on well-crafted musicianship but keep the tone light whilst taking a sardonic look at the world around them”. 

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