Lance Rodriguez “Trying To Say”

January 22 2020.

Welcome to another New Music Friday entry!

Lance Rodríguez is a singer songwriter from San Diego who’s currently pursuing music and writing daily to develop his craft, despite working multiple jobs. His admirable dedication extends to his skills as well, as it is easy to notice the time, talent and passion that went to his single Trying To Say.

Story behind the song:Trying to Say is Lance’s reflection on his artist journey. There is always someone with an outsiders perspective willing to share career advice or a recommendation without any experience in the music industry. Lance’s Trying to Say embraces his journey through vulnerable yet raw creative lyricism. The “I’m never holding back from what I’m trying to be” line establishes his feelings against conforming but rather accepting and be confident being himself. Hope you enjoy it and tune into the music video that is also releasing with the song!”

While talking with Lance, we realized we shared a love for live vocals and that we place great importance on the sound and emotion a performance of that type delivers.

In his words: “Live [performance] never lies… [it] demonstrates the importance of performing and how you get true talent and raw emotion from a live performance rather than the digital stream.”

When asked what he would like to say to all first time listeners, Rodriguez gave a brief but accurate description of his style, which we hope to keep seeing more of:

“Expect soothing and relaxing, pure wholesome energy. Lyrically relatable, a familiar sound from a new artist and perspective.”

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