Realma “A Hint Of Pink”

January 22, 2020.

Part of the beauty in art is how it allows us to express all sorts of emotions, and even works as a response when we are unable to directly say what we’re thinking. Sometimes, some of the most interesting works are born from negative experiences.

Based on her debut single, it seems that Realma, an alternative and independent artist from Serbia, has managed to create a beautiful and mystical mementos this way.

Her song A Hint of Pink is, in few words, an extraordinary track. The intoxicating beauty of the music video and her vocals instill peace in the listener. The overall project is a mix between the pop parts of shoegaze and the dark themes found in film-noir (minus the black and white visuals) and mature works. It works as a breathtaking enchantment, rendering the listener unable to think of anything beside the story Realma tells in those seemingly infinite minutes.

At its core, however, the single is motivated by the artist’s turbulent response to a COVID-19 police mishandling she experienced when arriving home from studies abroad. The chorus in particular alludes to a wolf’s howl, representing the desire to summon creative conditions in place of a broken reality.

“Something horrifying happended upton the initial lockddown, when my safety was put at risk by those that should’ve helped. My need to overcome this trauma gave charge to the single’s distintive atmosphere, being rendere into a rustin melody that is both hauting and victorious”

If you enjoyed “A Hint of Pink”, get ready because there’s even more good news. Realma has confirmed that she is already working on more upcoming music, with her next release scheduled for this spring. Her mystical arrangement and wondrous vocals will be carried over in her following works, as she’s stated they’ll “all based in disparate realms, but united by her newly discovered postmodern sorceress persona”.


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