RinRin – Seek The Truth

RinRin’s new single Seek The Truth is out today on Spotify and YouTube! The previous single (The Game) was already a pop punk rock stomper in which the super clean pitch perfect vocals stood out compared to others in the same genre. Seek The Truth has everything turned up a little darker and shifts from the safety of pop punk rock to elements you’d also find in metalcore. But while a lot of this type of music normally deals with aggression or anger/frustration, RinRin sings, incredibly cleanly, about the emotions of being on the receiving end of gaslighting in a relationship. A heavy toxic subject in which leaving your partner isn’t always as easy as it may seem if you look at it rationally.

Both musically, as well as lyrically, it’s a huge step forward for Australia’s RinRin and here’s for hoping the next track that’ll be released will be about how great being liberated is from bad situations. No matter how much inspiration one can get from it. Most of all, the whole mix of clean vocals and metalcore elements really works and proves once more that Avil Lavigne and Hillary Duff weren’t the limit when it comes to how loud is appropriate with such voice. Looking forward to more!

While there’s an EP coming up later this year, do follow RinRin on Instagram, Facebook Twitter and YouTube to stay up to date with all the latest news.

Credits Photos by JR Rondael of RockSalad Studios.

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