Simon Paparo “Pirates”

January 23, 2020.

Welcome to a New Music Alert entry for this Saturday, where we’ll be discussing the Perth born singer-songwriter Simon Paparo, who has just released his last single before his upcoming album, a track titled Pirates.

About the track, Paparo shared with us how it is “a song about introspection. It was written as a gentle reminder to look inward to find what really nourishes the soul. By doing this we seem to tread a more peaceful path and life appears to have more purpose and love.

There is something truly pleasant about listening to Simon’s music and the positive energy it brings you (which is also found in Farm Of Our Soul or Alchemy). His music is both joy-inducing and inspiring, a trait only songs made with love have.

Finally, here’s his message for people who have just found his music:

” For those who have not heard my music before, generally most of my songs are written from life experiences. The are honest interpretations of how I relate to things. A lot of my music is about sharing the fact that we all face hardship together, but also we all face the beauty together. As Bob Dylan once said “Behind every beautiful thing, there’s some kind of pain”. “

Simon Paparo will celebrate the release with a live-streamed launch show on
Sunday 24, live from his studio, Four Doors Studios. Excited to bring the track to life for fans, Simon enthuses, “I’ll be performing a stripped back version of the studio release. This will be a simple guitar and vocal show, live from Four Doors Studios.”

Good luck to Simon Paparo on his live performance! Make sure to check it out to listen to more of his amazing voice and joyful song.

Please don’t forget that you can also show your support by following Simon Paparo on his official Instagram and Facebook accounts, as well as his Soundcloud and YouTube  channels. And his web Simon Paparo. If you enjoy his work and are able to provide monetary support, you can buy and download his music on Bandcamp.  

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