Erick Beau “I Found Love In You (M J’s Song)”

January 25 2020.

Canadian singer songwriter Erick Beau has just released his newest single, a love letter to his beloved wife. The song was written back when they were about to get married, but it’s finally arrived to streaming platforms! The track, titled I Found Love In You (M J’s Song), is here as a teaser of the love we’ll be feeling this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

For those who are already feeling in the mood, or simply for any fan of folk music and heartwarming lyrics, this song is a must listen!

Erick shared with us the story behind the track: “This song was composed a couple of weeks before my wedding, as I was asking myself how I could express this powerful love I feel for MJ. The answer was to express it in a song that is all about true love and the amazing feelings we experience when we have finally found it. I managed to finish it just in time to perform the song before our guests at our wedding venue and share it in an acoustic version”.

This track is a powerful country/folk love song that comes alive with Beau’s heartfelt interpretation. The feelings he has for his wife are definitely felt throughout the whole song, making the listener desire a love like theirs. Anyone who’s ever been truly in love will easily feel related.

Last but not least, here is what Beau has to say to any first time listeners:

“They can expect to relate to the songs since I mostly write about life experiences most of us have gone through. They can expect strong melodies that will ignite their souls, haunt them for years to come and a high quality production of real instruments played by giving and talented worldly musicians.”

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