Lyena “Keep Swimming”

January 25, 2020.

Last Friday, a new banger was released by the London band Lyena, delivering a fantastic mix of postpunk/garage/alternative that will make you want to bump around. I have to say that they sound exactly how we need them to sound in order to push us through these hard times…the track Keep Swimming is a must-listen to right away!!!  

“So the song is about trying to see your way out of a difficult situation. When everything seems to be getting on top of you and you feel like you’re drowning, it’s about trying to look past that and push through to the better times that lie ahead. It was written at a time when we were all feeling pretty low, but were enjoying our time together in the studio.”

Once you listen to this track you’ll only want more from these mates, they are definitely a band to keep an eye on (or ears). With their first single of the year and their previous headlines and soldout shows at many venus across London, we can only expect the band keeps swimming (sorry, I meant growing) and can hardly wait for next single…

“For people who have never listened to our music before, they can expect loads of energy, witty lyrics and thumping drums and bass. We blend styles and genres but keep intensity through all of our songs.”

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