Paperwing “Blackbirds”

January 27, 2020.

Paperwing is the Swedish artist, composer and producer Jenny Soovik, who will be releasing a new EP PRISM soon. She has already shared two singles from this new work; lead single Dedicated (originally performed by Nea) came out last November and is currently her most streamed track, while this past Friday her second single called Blackbirds was released. She shared this about the track:

“I played around on an acoustic guitar one day and this melody came to me. It was early spring, and I could hear blackbirds outside my window. I wanted to express that feeling of love and bliss, like waking up next to your loved one on a sunny spring day. One of the most beautiful songs I know is Paul McCartney’s Blackbird, and I also wanted to find ways to respectfully interweave that into this song in a fun and playful way.”

A sweet and delicate voice that whispers to your ear, it is hard not to fall under her charm: the spell of her sound accompanied by lyrics narrating stories from daily life, the simplicity of events such as waking up next to a loved one, watching the morning light from the window… a common yet poetic image full of intrinsec beauty, it is easy to feel related to her music.

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