Therése Neaimé “Live Again”

January 27, 2020.

Therése Neaime is back with an infectious heavy-pop track that’s ready to get you moving and grooving. Live Again, the title of her new single, is the perfect dance-pop comeback to make us relive those euphoric moments of going to a nightclub and partying all night long.

When talking about the song, Neaime enthusiastically said: “LIVE AGAIN, a tribute to life!“. She continued by explaining how “it’s about getting up and out there and “Try Again”. It’s for everyone how needs encouragement to move on! It’s a reminder about living your life to the fullest!

It goes without saying that the track has it all. Its positive vibe can instantly uplift the anyone’s mood and keep it throughout a long day of work, while at night it takes you to a colorful dance floor where you can can feel young and beautiful.

“Live Again” is a song that can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter the age or point in life you’re at. The uptempo music and Therése Naeime’s melodic voice will make you fly past all the clouds in the nightsky and let you become one of the brightest stars! That is, of course, if you are ready to let go and allow the rhythm to take control.

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