Ade “Something Good”

January 28 2020.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that is nothing but the truth. However, there are moments when you find something that most people can find some beauty in — and even if someone dared to disagree, they can notice that there is something special about the subject.

Today’s special case is without a doubt what finding beauty and joy feels like. That is the way Ade‘s music works, with his sweet melodic vocals and the always present, comforting guitar. With a dash of melancholy and yearning, and an overwhelming amount of gaiety, every song he’s released so far is inevitably engrained deep inside my mind and heart.

His newest single, Something Good, is no exception.

With this new step in his musical career, I can’t help but notice a hint Ondara in Ade; a huge compliment, of course. It’s not about the sound, it’s about the feelings they carry within their music and send to everyone who comes in contact with their music.

The folk sound of this Manchester-based singer-songwriter is no joke. With just this song (and supported by his previous released), it’s easy to notice the talent and passion that radiates in every second of the melody. Most likely, his music can be enjoyed by fans of Tallest Man On Earth, L.A. Salami, Passenger or Tracy Chapman, but even if you aren’t familiar with any of the previous mentions you’ll still be able to find something endearing about Ade Fabola. Being a man of many talents, there’s a multitude of things to love about his work.

One of the main examples should be what he sings about. For the release of “Something Good“, Ade shared the moment, or rather said feelings, that enabled the creation of this new track.

“Times are pretty strange at the moment, it goes without saying really. Sadly it’s been that way for a while. We are now several months into a global pandemic, and currently going in the middle of a third lockdown in the UK.

A few months back, shortly after the first nationwide lockdown started, I remember being out on my daily permitted walk and I was thinking about what had been on the news and social media leading up to that moment, and I was overwhelmed by just how different everything was – business places out of work, social outlets closed, people panic-buying in the shops – and on top of all these, the isolation blues got to me a little bit. All I could think was “man, we could use some good news right about now”, which eventually turned into the line “I could do with something good ”.

It’s pretty strange to think that I wrote this song during the first lockdown last year, and somehow it just as relevant to me today as it was back when I wrote it. “

Reading his words, I could finally put into actual words the thoughts that had been plaguing my mind for a long time now. The desire for any sort of positive news has always been there for me, but with each day of us not seeing a near end to this lockdown and isolated lifestyle it had began to grow and become insatiable. In times like this, music has become my escape and method of obtaining some joy.

Ade Fabola’s song has become one of the many something good’s I can enjoy now. Without knowing the way this song came to be, I already had an experience very similar to that of the artist and something tells me I’m not the only one that will be able to relate to that way of thinking.

“Something Good” was made with the desire to find some comfort and joy, and now it brings those same feelings to its listeners. Ade’s ability to influence his audience is admirable, and he’s been using it to share any pleasant emotion under the sun. Someone like this will always be worth listening to.

After realizing he’s talented in affecting the people around him (or, anyone who enjoys his music), it’s no surprise he’s also got a way with words. If any reader still has their doubts about heading over to listen to Ade Fabola, the following words will surely assure you that it’s the right choice.

“First of all, I appreciate everyone who takes the time to listen, everyone who takes a chance on a new artist they’ve not heard before. 

I hope that my music makes listeners feel good. I hope that listening to my music will give folks a warm, fuzzy feeling in their core, a feeling that reminds us of what it means to be human, to take pleasure in the little things and to be kind to each other. 

This song is just one of several tracks that we will be releasing this year, and I can say to the listeners that they should stick around for some soft, soulful vocals, sweet melodies and a sprinkling of jazz and world music vibes. These are strange times, no doubt, but we’ve got new music on the way to provide a quantum of solace, and that’s something to look forward to.”

Great words from a great artist. We cannot wait to listen to more of him!

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