Cloud Shapes – Holding Onto Life

Cloud Shapes has a message of hope, or rather a reminder. That no matter how hard things get, there’s always something to keep living for, so keep holding onto life. Which is what the track is called too. This all wrapped in rap as English as it gets (to foreigners: think The Streets or Audio Bullys), which sounds surprisingly dynamic on this track. I’m saying surprisingly because Jim (half of Cloud Shapes) had to get creative at home making his own vocal booth at home (something about a pandemic, you may have heard of it) and using blankets and whatnot to get this vocal sound right. And I think this also is a great segue back to the track – that difficult circumstances, such as inability to get things done in a studio at the minute, doesn’t mean recordings can’t be made at all. When you’re this passionate about your music, your art to go this length to get it all done… And I think it can be heard. There’s heaps of life to be found on here (instrumentally it’s super rich as well) and I think to many, in these times of uncertainty, it’s that nice and soothing bit of understanding that’s really helpful. Wouldn’t mind this getting frequent airplay. Especially now.

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