Feralman “Where Were You Before?”

January 29, 2020.

Happy New Music Friday! Today I bring you more information on Feralman‘s newest and third single, a track about fateful encounters and the contemplation of how the universe’s timing works.

The Welsh/Australian singer-songwriter debuted back in November with the reflective and spectacular When All Is Almost Lost, quickly following it up with I am DRAGON!on December. Now, for the third consecutive month, Feralman is presenting us with Where Were You Before?

With this song, Feralman dives into the overwhelming emotion that comes with welcoming a new and important person into your life. “Where Were You Before?” works wonderfully as a musical introspection. Not only is it easy to get lost in the tune of the song — the track allows your mind to wander and reflect on how life has changed since the arrival of a special someone: to think about what you were doing before them and how you’ll strive to make the following years better for that person.

This is Feralman’s first time featuring female vocals in a song. When asked about that detail, he explained:  “I wrote ‘Where Were You Before?’ just after my daughter was born and it was initially a really simple acoustic lullaby that I sang to help her sleep… It then developed into a much larger philosophical question about the transfer of life’s energy. Where did it come from? Where does it go? How does it work?”

Like with all unforgettable art, all you need to do is relax and let the beautiful melody reach your heart and soul. The peaceful arrangement lulls you into tranquility, an auditive equivalent to holding a loved one.

Despite the song being inspired by that innate father-daughter bond, it is not necessary to have those same experiences to be touched by the song. The feelings of loving, being loved, caring for, and being cared for are something most of us can relate to. Feralman has accomplished to transmit his love with this song, and with that, he effectively causes the same emotions within the listeners.

To end with a more detailed and personal explanation of Feralman’s goals and mission with his music, here are his words for any first-time listeners:

“With comparisons to Ben Howard, Nick Mulvey, and Bears Den, Feralman tells stories by crafting musical landscapes from personal experiences. Drawing influence from the natural, emotional and spiritual world, Feralman regularly documents in one form or another, whether that’s painting, poetry, stories or in the form of song.”

There’s still one more good news to share, though. Feralman will be releasing his debut album “Chapters 35 – 43this spring. The season of rebirth is near, and with it Less Than 1,000 Followers wishes success to Feralman!

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