Garrow Hill “Versions”

Today a new single by the London band Garrow Hill was released and it brings us a highly energetic track that urges you to bang your head, sing along and purge every bad emotions outta your system. A real cathartic song has been brought to us by this four piece band from York, England, recorded by Joe Graves (Asking Alexandria, Glamour of the Kill) at Inner Sound Studio.

From this Picture, you have (L-R) Stew King (Vocals/Guitar) Mark Chappell (Vocals/Guitar) Dan Rawcliffe (Bass) PG Branton (Drums)

As the band puts it “The song is about perception and what people can think about you and how they can react to you in different situations.” So you can expect some inner discovery, a low growl inside you ready to explode, at least that’s how I feel about this song! So, don’t waste another minute to check it out Versions!!

“Garrow Hill don’t want to be everyones cup of tea…just yours!”

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