Musketeer “Prince of Denmark”

January 29, 2021

Following up on last Friday’s release of “Prince Of Denmark“, the final single from Musketeer‘s second Studio EP , “The North Sea“, we are delighted to share its Official Live Video that’s just being released today!

Australian singer-songwriter Musketeer has been on the European musical scene for years, learning from the cities and landscapes that have witnessed his performances and travels as a solo artist. His folk-rock project was established in the German city of Hamburg, debuting with the EP “Seven Long Years” back in 2017.

Artwork: Andreas Teichmann

Right after setting the mood with an hypnotic introduction, Musketeer immerses you into the dark ambience of madness found within “Prince of Denmark”; his obscure yet lyrical narration is perfectly balanced with remarkable instrumentals and very satisfying build-ups, making the best out of Shakespearean inspiration and well-rounded musicianship.

”This track is for those who love lyrical storytelling and a bit of slow burning rock. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds were a big influence on this track. Despite the big arrangements on some of my tracks, Musketeer was born on the street and I alway begin my songs with just a voice and a guitar. But I love to collaborate so sometimes the songs end up on a wild journey of sound”.


I would absolutely recommend that you set aside some time with your best audio and video equipment, in order to fully enjoy the fiery ride that Musketeer has prepared this time. I also suggest you get yourself a drink before playing the video, or you might end up shivering from the cold in Copenhagen!

To support this artist and his future projects, you can head over to the official Musketeer website and social media, his accounts on Instagram and Twitter, as well his YouTube channel. Make sure to check out his debut EP and to share his work; it can obviously be found in the following Playlists: Fresh Singles, Alterindie State Of Mind and Less Than 1,000 Followers

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