Near Death Experience (NDX) – Everything

London’s Near Death Experience (NDX for short) has another new single out, this in the run up to their new, second, album The Release. Previous reviews of their singles were raving and it’s only fair to assume, after listening, the same will happen with Everything. It’s this just-post-Woodstock funky groove with matching vocals from Ian that makes it really unique in this modern day and age. At times I get really strong Joe Cocker meets old-Santana (I mean young by that, the inspired guitar solos help with that too) vibes, as well as the more suave Steppenwolf licks for as far the rhythm section’s concerned. It’s a smooth psychedelic throwback that’s perfectly fine being around in 2021 as well. Honestly, I could even see this track being used in an Ibiza Chill Out session.

The good news? The album version will be a whole minute longer than this single version you’re hearing just now! So definitely keep your eyes out for its release – I know I am! Following NDX is possible on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, MusicGlue and Spotify. No excuse to miss it! And while we wait, why not give their excellent Mouth To Mouth debut album another spin?

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