The Magic Epic “Sally”

January 29, 2021

Singer, songwriter and musician from the UK, The Magic Epic has just released his first single this Friday, and we are very pleased of having the chance to share it with you!

The Magic Epic has been a solo artist since 2015, centering his work around the themes of love, life, loss and spiritual awakening. With musical influences going all the way from The Beatles to Oasis, his unique message is delivered through guitar and piano playing, expressive lyrics and warm, emotional singing.

“Sally”, the first single form The Epic Magic’s upcoming debut album, is a very personal and uplifting song inspired by a friend of the artist, a dancer who underwent a journey of profound transformation: from being heavily involved in the clubbing scene and nearly losing her life, to becoming a mother, recovering her health and making the best out of the battles she went through.

“A strong melody, something you can sing along to and more catchy hooks than a fishing tackle shop. Heartfelt songs and meaningful lyrics that you will never forget once you listen. You will be taken on a journey into the light”.


This beautiful composition clearly shows the way in which The Epic Magic is able of creating not just great music, but an entire emotional experience in which his light and authenticity become a source of inspiration for every listener, inciting them to polish the mirror of their heart with appreciation and gratitude in their daily lives.

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