The Soviet Influence – “Oh Not Tonight”

Mental health has become more and more important this days due to the pandemic, and this band from Halton Hills, Canada have just released a song that speaks of just that. “Oh Not Tonight”, the single of the bands new album Socialism: an Introduction shows a real definition of what a cry for help can be.

Peter Snow, the lead singer, composer and guitarist of The Soviet Influence tells us that the goal was to turn the passionate plea into a song with a ton of emotional power.

“As a singer I am pushing my voice hard to eek out every last ounce of feeling.”

He also shared his feelings about the importance of human connection for surviving these kinds of times, and I cannot agree more… So feel free to check them out! Tell us what you think!! Also, be sure to listen to the bands whole album, which also talks about social justice, and we sure could use a bit more of that nowadays.

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