Eddie Cohn “VS.”

January 30, 2021

Artist, writer and yoga teacher Eddie Cohn has just released his latest dance track this Friday, and we are very excited to share with you this single and the ideas behind it!

Eddie Cohn’s musical career has spanned decades, as a singer/songwriter inspired by Pearl Jam, Radiohead and Peter Gabriel, but also as a DJ in LA night clubs, influenced by the sound of Recondite and NIN. During the Covid-19 pandemic, he wrote a rock-electronic record, a meditation album with ambient music and produced a few dance tracks including this one, called “VS.

“VS.” promptly introduces the listener to an engaging rhythmic discourse in which consciousness is guided through rich layers of sound, giving room for self-expression and cathartic movement while also inviting people to an increased state of awareness, to a reflection about the illusory nature of separation that is being cultivated by the current media narrative.

“After spending a few years DJing in night clubs in LA, I wanted to explore the world of club/dance music. I typically write and sing songs about love, relationships and the chaos of life, but with Covid and the lockdown, I wanted to explore new palettes musically and try my hand at producing a more electro dance track”.


A vibrant, powerful track that explores the limitless possibilities of electronic music and calls for togetherness… I think this is exactly the kind of energy that we need to bring into our lives and to the dance floor, so be sure not to miss this new single!

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