MadZen feat. Dvgma – “Escontó”

Ok guys, I may be a little bit biased here, but I’ve just released a new single today with my long-time friend and collaborator Dvgma. This song is a fresh hip-hop type beat and an invitation to do what you want and not worrying about it being perfect or about what other people think. Just be you.

“Escontó” is a saying we have here in Latinoamerica which means: “Give it your all” or “Give your everything”, and the lyrics reflect just that, self-esteem, security in oneself, no fear and a feeling of peace for what awaits around the corner.

A smooth type beat for you to relax.

This smooth, chill, easy to listen tune will be my 4th single and the first I release this 2021, also the first one where I explore my rapping abilities so if you like the song stay tuned for my next singles and please check out the previous ones!!

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You can listen to Dvgma’s music here.

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