Karianne Jean “Hollywood”

January 31, 2020.

Born into a family in love with music, the unbound to any genre, genuine spirit of Karianne Jean was destined to fall for music and follow a career path as a singer-songwriter.

With her new single Hollywood, this rising star aims to display her talent and share an authentic look at the heart of the entertainment business. The song has sincere lyrics that let the audience see both the good and the bad about the industry, as well as make us understand why artists are so determined to chase and accomplish their dreams despite all the hardships.

After talking for a bit, Karianne shared how and why “Hollywood” came to be.

“I lived and worked in the Studio City/Hollywood area for a few years and got the unique opportunity to witness the inner workings of the entertainment industry. It just became really clear that things weren’t all they are cracked up to be. I’ve always heard a lot of songs about the love of Hollywood & the glam & even songs about the struggle of making it in Hollywood but never heard anything that felt honest & real to me which is what inspired the lyrics.”

Funnily enough, the idea for this dreamlike, captivating track came to her in a very unexpected place. She commented, “the chorus, lyrics, and a melody idea kind of fell out of me in a grocery store parking lot! I then brought what I had to my producer & we filled in the gaps & finished the song together! It’s been a few years since we wrote it & I’m so excited to finally be sharing it with the world!”

Although it may be hard to imagine such scenario, it’s true that inspiration can strike at any moment, and we’re lucky Karianne had that experience that lead to this marvelous track. The love and dedication put into the track during several years can be noticed too, with the way the arrangement flows and gives a surrealist feeling, which I personally associated with the rose-tinted glasses we use to view the celebrity lifestyle. With that and Jean’s mesmerizing vocals, “Hollywood” perfectly captures the idea of a bittersweet reality.

For any first time listeners, you can expect Karianne Jean to surprise you with the mastery over multiple genres and the addicting melodies she chooses to accompany her meaningful lyrics.

I’m a big lyric person. It has to mean something to me. So everything I release is a piece of who I am in a sense. My favorite thing about songwriting is getting to be completely honest and raw about my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, etc. I have a tendency to ignore genre boundaries so I’m a little all over the place sonically. Sometimes it’s a heavy pop track (like Hollywood) & other times it’s a country leaning acoustic vibe. Whatever I feel gets the point across best is what I typically go with in the moment. If you like strong female vocals, honest lyrics & a wide variety if sonic flare then you might like me.

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