Old Fame – “Act II”

February has just started and it brings to us a brand new single from this Rochester, USA four piece band Old Fame . Act II is a song about a person feeling like a powerless drone when governments are so dominant that it seems nothing you do will ever make a change… Have you ever felt that way? I know I have! The power of transmission this song has is out of the charts, its subtle aggression disguised as a melancholic ethereal tune sets the mood for an Orwellian, media-distorted present day reality.

“A passionate emotive rock sound with some big dreamy psych rock elements and tight production”

Listeners can expect an atmospheric somber post rock vibe accompanied by emotive vocal melodies, and an infectious groove that eventually elevates to an intense climactic ending more atune to the genre of post-hardcore.

“Act II marks the 2nd half of our EP titled – Nowhere to Be.”

The vocals in this tune are what really cut through the listeners ears with it’s circa survive-ish style, mixing sweet-melancholic melodies with powerful gritty screams. Man I sure enjoyed that last chorus as he reaches for the high notes, it gave me chills. The song also ends with an excerpt of late British philosopher Alan Watts’ conference, who I’m a big follower of. So, if you love music, philosophy, and George Orwell, this song is a must hear.

“The course of time is really much like the course of a ship in the ocean […] It leaves behind it a wave” – Alan Watts

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