DAAY – “First Light”

It is a good day my friends, and it’s about to get better ’cause this London based band have just released their new single “First Light” and I can’t tell you just how much we loved it. It’s a song about finding comfort and rejuvenation at the start of a new day and serves as a metaphor for new beginnings and new life…

“The track was written after I woke up on my friend’s sofa after a big night and I wasn’t feeling too great. You can see this reflected in the artwork.”

This song feels like having a really cool dream which keeps getting better and better as it develops. Every instrument adds a new layer of expression, a new ambience, every note emanates the purest sensation of vibration and movement. For people who haven’t heard their music before, their intention is to blend different ideas with a mix of instruments, and boy, did they nailed it.

This is now their second single, following the previous one titled “Mama”, which you can listen to right here (spoiler alert, it’s also great), and they are currently planning their debut EP called RUN for 2021 release. Man, are we excited about that!

So don’t waste another second reading me and go check it out right now for a sweet, sweet dose of this MGMT-meets-Pink Floyd tune.

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