Edith “Over It”

Today we are excited to see the release of Edith’s new single which also announces her upcoming debut album.

Based in London where she moved from Romania at the age of 10 looking for bringing up her music career, Edith is a fresh young pop singer. With her music she is telling stories, experiences and thoughts she has encountered in her own life that she turns into beautiful and catchy pop tunes packaged with lyrics which are relatable to us all.

Her musical endeavors so far have been a self-titled EP from 2019 portraying her darker side and another next-gen pop EP called Promises, and now she’s getting ready to move to the next level with a full album release.

“This project I have been working on in 2020 is the best thing I have done so far. I am extremely excited to share it with the people who love my music. It has been a hell of a year but it taught me more than anything. The songs are precise stories or experiences I have dealt with, and I feel as if this album is one long story.”

Laced with the lush sounds of synths, Over It is her new single which will also feature in her upcoming album. The singer, sounding determined and standing tall, touched the topic of breakup and being tired of some people that never did any good:

“I wrote Over It at a point in my life where I was completely and utterly over not just an ex-boyfriend but some people and situations that never served me any good. That feeling is truly the best, and you can rant over and over again to your friends about these frustrations but unfortunately, you’re never going to be truly released until you let yourself feel those emotions and move on. It is the first song I wrote and recorded for this album. One of my favourite sayings is ‘You have to bleed to grow’ and honestly it has been the backbone to my growth and journey so far. I want people to know that being vulnerable is a sign of strength, and even though Over It is a party song, the album has a few records in which a breakup is seen from a different perspective, from the perspective of loss and regret. There are days when we miss that person and days when we don’t feel a thing, which is why I love writing about my emotions and connecting with people through similar experiences.“

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