The Rhythm Bullies – “Dysnomia”

Welcome back my beautiful readers, we hope you’re having a great weekend! Today we have a new single that uses the greek legend of Dysnomia as a
reference of a battle between good and evil, following the clash of ideologies that has been developing since 2020. Listen here.

“It’s opening line: ‘Hell is empty, look around you.’ depicts the chaos of modern times.”

Dysnomia was influenced by Sebastian Mogan’s (Lead guitarist, composer and singer) love of Post Punk Goth of the early 80’s. “It is a hard rocking space opera that takes the listener through bare base driven landscapes to powerful and bright choruses, then to a celestial finale” And it sure is celestial, I’ve gotta say that I wasn’t expecting such a lovely ending, really contrasting chaos and beauty in a well-structured song.

“I live with a genetic disorder NF2 that causes tumors to grow in the central nervous system. Despite this, I continue my search for truth and beauty through music.”

Sebastian’s condition hasn’t stopped him to create music and we urge you to neither stop searching for what makes you feel happy and loved. He also has a podcast about music called Sebastian’s Finest Hour available only on Spotify.

“I wanted to make an epic but accessible rock song with philosophical lyrics to combat the materialistic trends of today.”

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