“Faithful” by DARCY

Not to be mixed up with the loyal sentiment “faithfully”, this unfortunately is the sound of the pain suffered when trust is obliterated, spurned by a former lover.

“Faithful was one of the last songs I wrote for my album. While the title is ironic, because the song is about being cheated on, there is nothing ironic about the emotions behind writing it. This single is the title track from my forthcoming album, it served itself as my own way to start to find closure and to begin healing a very broken heart. I had received a series of messages from my narcissistic ex that I wasn’t going to reply to, and in a way, this was my reply.”

DARCY’s lyrical power here has us wondering who might this be? What kind of a Rick (with a silent P) could do this?

We’ve heard this love song before but there is a brutal and honest undertone here, a sincerity and directness with a hint of protracted theatrical eyerolling… and good for her. To have that sense of perspective and see “it” for what it really is, although heartbreaking, is refreshing… On listening you feel compelled to reassure her, as tough as it feels now, this time is yours and it’s time to move on… (Regarding her ex, an old Irish or Gaelic phrase would spring to mind: what do you expect from a pig but a grunt?)

“While this song in particular only features myself and a friend of my uncles, Fish Michie, my album is mostly recorded with my dad, mom and uncle. My family was a huge factor in my healing process, and being able to create music with them that was written during that horrible time to help me cope feels very special to me…”

The solo accompaniment to piano matches the messaging here, a delicate and precise air, you could see Joni Mitchell raising an eyebrow on hearing this, or perhaps Taylor Swift wanting to borrow it…!

Stay Tuned DARCY’s new album “Faithful” will be released on Feb 12th.

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