Hail – I Can’t Breathe

Hail‘s new single I Can’t Breathe is out and is the successor of the already great Jem’esque A Stain In Time. And there are all the right reasons to be both curious and excited to find out in which direction it’ll be going. The single before that (Dark Waters) was as dark as Woods of Ypres, for example. Then on her YouTube Channel she can also be found acing an acoustic Uptown Funk like it’s written for her. Time press play!

…and It’s an emotional rocker! “Why am I still breathing now? I’m dead inside, my heart feels so hollow…” may sound like ticking a lot of stereotypical boxes at first, but when you take the whole context in consideration – survivor guilt after losing a partner in an accident – it’s a pretty hefty one to swallow. But it’s also what Hail’s really good at, to mix these emotions on a proper rock instrumental with her powerful and straightforward vocals. Awesome!

All in all, it’s really promising and I’m looking forward to see what’s next. All singles of hers might be quite different from each other, but rock is a wide spectrum as it is and Hail’s pretty eclectic. To make the wait and anticipation a bit easier, do absolutely follow her on Instagram as well, where she regularly can be found uploading covers. To listen to or sing along to.

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