“Stay” by Cooper Chasse

There’s something beguiling about one man and his guitar, and Cooper Chasse delivers by bestowing upon us this melodic and lyrical beauty, the simplest of love songs. Let’s face it, in these current times of lockdowns and travel restrictions, who wouldn’t like to create something as simple as a song on your guitar (if you had one)? Best leave that to a professional maybe, well Cooper ticks that box in spades here.

“I write songs from experience and from the heart, things that I hope can be relatable. My music definitely isn’t party music, but more of something you listen to when you’re alone or with your loved ones and want to feel something. Love, heartache, happiness, sadness. These are songs I use to heal myself, so I hope I can help others in the healing process as well…”

“Stay” the lead single from his upcoming “The Quarantine Demos” sessions sounds like it was recorded in your living room or kitchen, indeed, stripped back in every sense, was actually recorded between Chasse’s living room in his native Toronto and his living room in his new flat in London.

Inspired heavily by the Avett Brothers, Chasse delivers an acoustic folk sound with raw, refreshing honesty bleeding through his lyrics and performances that he hopes will resonate with listeners after the tumultuous past year.

“The track was written for my girlfriend the day after our first date. I wanted to write a love song that didn’t actually contain the word ‘love,’ so the word I had in mind while writing it was ‘wonder.’ The whole premise is that I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was attracting me to her because there were so many things, and I just wanted her to stay so I can explore more of this.”

So… why not “stay” here, click the link and enjoy – sweet, just like the tea I’m having here in my kitchen giving it yet another spin…

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