Doctor Gosso & The Samplers “Curiosity”

Doctor Gosso & The Samplers have once again challenged themselves to create a stimulating track that both relaxes and encourages the mind to do some self reflection. Needless to say, they did more than achieve that goal.

After the release of Cruising Down the 1st Pacific in November of 2020, the duo has come back with a combination of spoken word poetry and their trademark instrumental jazz sound. Curiosity shows a different side of theirs: a more youthful, yet still wise version of the group. The track also debuted last week on BBC Radio London at “The Scene” with Amelia Poamz.

The artistic duo consists of multi-instrumentalist Pavel Telica and recording engineer and producer Teo Marangon. As Doctor Gosso & The Samplers, the London-based group focuses on producing instrumental jazz hip hop that provides groovy, laid back summer vibes with the help of classic jazz samples, smooth guitars and soothing synthesizers. For this new track, they collaborated with actor and poet Jonathan Raggett, who provides a nonchalant but powerful performance. 

Their latest track, Curiosity, is a song that discusses how society attempts (perhaps unknowingly) to kill a child’s curiosity as they simultaneously force maturity upon them. Despite the seemingly negative description, it is a positive and thoughtful introspection on curiosity and how it brings beauty and joy into our lives. Curiosity reinforces the importance of self expression and individuality.

The track is full of clever one-liners — the type that creates a tiny flicker of jealousy within you, wishing you had thought that up — yet there is not a single moment where one quote shines over the rest. Every sentence spoken by Jonathan Raggett flows seamlessly and they all hold equal importance. There is an emphasis in every word, and the emotion behind them is what creates a build up that peaks at certain parts, such as the track’s final line.

Of course, the track’s poetry is not the only thing worthy of praise. Telica and Marangon do a wonderful job of merging jazz and modern production elements. The gentle brass parts and the melancholic piano samples represent both the adoration and energy of a child who is discovering the world, and the adult counterpart who, in the middle of a dull society, refuses to become yet another dull mime. The end result oozes creativity and happiness. 

With this track, the duo continues to prove with their unique fusion that jazz is not an outdated genre, and that it can be enjoyed by anyone. 
Doctor Gosso & The Samplers’ work is both a nice slice of indulgence and a great thinkpiece that will stay on the listener’s mind for a long time.

Curiosity will hopefully work as a wake up call and encouragement for anyone who still hasn’t chased after their dreams. After all, life’s too short to live mentally numb.

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