Luan Mei – Yellow (Tiiva Remix)

Welcome back my friends, MadZen here, I hope you’ve been enjoying our latest reviews and of course the songs! Today we have something special for you since the UK based artist, Luan Mei, has collaborated with producer Tiiva for a sparkling, reimagined version of Luan’s single ‘Yellow’.

The remix blends the duo’s talents perfectly, as Luan’s rich indie-pop vocals are decorated by echoey, electro production and airy synth.

In case you haven’t heard the original version you can find it here, and you will immediately tell how Tiiva really flipped it off. A new and wavy version with heavily processed vocals carries an ethereal vibe that will transport listeners upon their first listen. “With an integral message at its core, the song centers on queer love through art and synaesthesia, and accounts for the important path to self-discovery.”

The honest yet playful song allows you to connect with each note and lyric in a deeply personal way.

From the likes of FKA Twigs and Charli XCX, this songs brings personal emotion to a new level. Let yourself be thrilled, carried away in bliss, and most importantly, let yourself be loved and give love within the magic of this fresh tune. Congratulations to both for such a beautiful work.

So there you have it friends! Please don’t forget that you can also show your support by following Luan on her  Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, accounts, as well as her SoundCloud and YouTube  channels.  If you enjoy her music and are able to provide monetary support, you can download her music on Bandcamp.  

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