Kritters “Maybe you’re right”

The upcoming album from the new artistic duo Kritters is a churning, addicting, smouldering ode to running away from your problems, with a fantastic musical build up that suits the lyrics marvelously.

Although Kritters is a rookie band, both members have substantial pedigrees in the arts and music. The group employs Krini O.K.’s point of view as an established visual artist and uses it to shape their aesthetic world. Back when they had just started, Kritters helped Krini to outgrow the poetry she has been writing for years, instead setting it in music as a new challenge. Meanwhile, Rob Steadman had a lengthy career as a member of the critically-acclaimed Indie-Folk band Stornoway. The members actually met in July 2010 at Stornoway’s Mercury Lounge show, and a decade later the stars have aligned for the writer and the wunderkid drummer to work together.

Maybe you’re right, the second single from an upcoming EP, released today and it’s accompanied by a self-produced music video. Considering the current hardships artists must go through to film and record their works, this is already a big accomplishment on its own. Thanks to Krini’s artistic view, the music video is an escalating ride that both captivates and unsettles the viewer.

The track is a balance of ecstasy and catastrophe. It is the auditive equivalent of witnessing the birth of something you should prevent, yet being unable to take your aways from it, or even attempt to stop it. Krini’s deadpan lyrics contradict the sweetness of her vocals, and Steadman anchors her performance with his idiosyncratic analog percussion. Written in the middle of a lockdown during spring 2020, Maybe you’re right perfectly encapsulates the feeling of self-imposed isolation and how it completely engulfs you.

Their upcoming EP, titled It’s a Trap, ruminates on that same feeling. The EP delves deep into constraints we accept in order to survive, including but not limited to useful lies, faltering friendships, and the habit to shrink our lives and responsibilities in order to be able to withstand them. For this work, songwriter and lead vocalist Krini O.K. focuses on her post-university life in the small city of Oxford, U.K., with the songs emphazising on the private torment of maintaining the pretense of happiness and the fragility of joy. 

Kritters have begun to present us a claustrophobic and dark world, and the escapism and avoidance of their lyrics alongside the dramatic and realistic accompaniment is only part of the journey they’ll take us on. Despite the calamitous nature of such a universe, we cannot help but desire to consume more of their work.

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