This Bliss – “Friend”

I’ll just start right off, today’s song is really, really great; great analog synths, slapping drums, refined electric guitars and vocals that make you wanna learn the lyrics and sing along right away. I’m talking about “Friend” by the Boston electronic pop duo This Bliss

“The track defies genre categorization. It simply explodes out of the speakers for its entire three-and-a-half-minute duration.”

It’s a song about friends you are probably better off not having: “The person who only calls you in a crisis or is only able to talk about themselves, never having any energy left over to provide you support or even puts you down to make themselves feel better.” Man, we don’t want none of that here, uh-uh! Lets keep going…

“Friend serves as the first taste of This Bliss’ highly anticipated new album, Retroshade, due out March 5
via Mint 400 Records.”

As a synth/electronica aficionado myself, a lot of today’s music is filled with computer made sounds, nothing wrong with that, there are many great tunes out there made with just a laptop; but man, do I love the warm, classic sound of analog gear that is present in so many 70s, 80s and 90s songs, and finding those sounds today is getting a little bit more complicated.

That’s why we are so excited to bring you this beautiful musical piece that makes old and new school hold hands and walk along side by side, just waiting for you to hear it. “This Bliss marries Nick Zampiello’s affinity for drum machines and synthesizers with Jess Baggia’s pop-songwriter sensibility to create noir-inspired electronic songs.”

It’s warm, it’s gritty, it’s atmospheric, it’s punchy… it’s just great!

I’d like to conclude with some of Baggia’s personal thoughts: “In general, while there is certainly some snarky attitude in the lyrical content, it’s balanced by self-motivated positivity. It might be a bit cheesy, but that’s an underlying theme: It doesn’t matter what other people think as long as we are happy and like what we’re doing — and we really like making art!”

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