Aaron Yorke, “Master of Deflection”

February 12, 2021

You all know what Friday means here at Less Than 1,000 Followers… today we’ll be introducing you to the first song from Aaron Yorke’s latest musical project, one of our picks that’s not to be missed!

Aaron Yorke is an award winning UK singer songwriter based in Worcester. His music has been compared to Tom Odell and Ed Sheeran, with BBC Radio Live calling him a ‘Songsmith of soaring vocals and sensitively crafted tunes’. He has established himself as a local artist playing venues in and around the West Midlands, often performing live and supporting acts from other musicians.

Looking ahead, Aaron is focusing on his ‘Project 21’; he will be blogging his new adventure of releasing one song a month for 2021, whilst also performing new material both on social media and at local UK gigs.

In “Master of Deflection”, the artist explores the process of assimilation and growth resulting from adversity; an introspective journey lead by Aaron’s expressive singing over a piano accompaniment, gradually building up momentum along with the warm tones of strings introduced towards the cathartic climax: the vocal intensity rises to express a great resolve, shining with hope.

“Master of Deflection is the first of 10 singles I am aiming to release this year. I am setting the challenge to write and produce a new song monthly and to then have my album launch towards the end of the year when things are back to normal!”


Art was often considered as a therapeutic tool by ancient cultures; liberation through movement, singing and other forms of representation able of freeing the mind and soul. I believe that music can certainly serve as a mediation exercise (both for the performer and the listener) when concieved with the depth of feeling present in this song. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and may we all become Masters of Deflection when dealing with hardships!

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