MIHI NIHIL “Falling Star”

We are glad to introduce you to another lovely fresh new single along side the premier of the video today, this time by a group called MIHI NIHIL. Read on learn more about what might just become your favourite tune!

The four-headed group, consisting of three self-taught rockers and one classical singer with NYC Opera background, create an atmospheric smooth sound, one that would fit many moods, including rocking your socks off or sitting in your warm log cabin drinking a glass of cognac on a frosty evening.

“Music that feels at once mysterious and familiar, like a fog curling heavily and dankly around the listener only to be cut through by rays from the sun.”

The band’s name (pronounced ‘mee-kee nee-kel’) comes from the vocalist’s college years when it was her nickname.

“Falling Star”, the new single is a heartwarming ballad that brings back the golden feel of old classics, swaying the listener with soft and enveloping sounds. The moody and soulful, yet gentle vocals are the embodiment of longing and nostalgia.

“We wrote this debut LP collectively in one room together. Like the rest of the songs, Falling Star was spontaneously composed during one of our rehearsals. This song stemmed from the guitar. Ben was playing through a BigSky reverb, alternating between two verse chords…after about 20 seconds, the rest of us started in and 3 minutes later, we had the essence of Falling Star.
It might seem like just a typical romantic song at first listen, but lyrically it carries a darkness. It holds abandonment, hope and blame in the story. The primary metaphor is in the title of the song – looking at something in the past. The songs ends with a little wish…of hope. All our songs have a lightness with the heavy and a darkness with the light. As with most art, you need the one to see the other.”

The band premiers the music video today that you can watch below:

“We wanted a black and white, 1950’s film noir style video, to capture the moodiness and emotion of the song. It’s the first official music video that features the band members, so it’s an important one for us. When director Stephen Gregory got on board we were super excited. We discussed David Lynch, Blue Velvet and live concert films that we wanted to pull inspiration from. He, along with lighting designer Johnathan Bond captured an artful visual that was shot at DJE Pro Events in Southern California.”

The single is actually their fourth and last single they’ve released. The next thing this group is set to drop is their debut album – so definitely worth keeping your eye out for this one!

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